Following is a report from a student that was recently hired by BCG in Western Europe where he shares his experience interviewing with BCG in Europe.

Student Report

I recently graduated from a Western Europe University and I spent my last year in a top engineering university in (Major US City). A few days ago, I got an offer from a local office of BCG Western Europe.

My preparation consisted of your videos and the Case in Point book. I am not only writing to thank for your helpful material, but also to explain my experience during the interviewing process.

My first two interviews were more quantitative. I had to do two estimation questions at the beginning, then I had to do operational cases. On the other hand, the second round was extremely more qualitative and creative (I just had to calculate the percentage of sales!).

I completely agree with a previous post on your website about the consultants in Western Europe. In my point of view, they are not looking for ready to go consultants, however, they are looking for people with a high potential and who are really motivated.

Thank you again for your useful material.